Clam Island 2022 New Year Update

  • Our farming lock mechanism means that 50% of farming rewards are locked for 7 days. During those 7 days, the locked rewards can still be used to purchase Clams. As farming Clams for Pearls is also the highest APR option available on the platform, the user is incentivised to try Clam farming at some point. And if the feedback we have been receiving about our product holds true, for many people simply trying once is enough to get them hooked!
  • Insofar as yield farming inflation is concerned, macroeconomics is much more important than focusing on the potential sell pressure and APR from non-native pools. What matters is the weighting distribution between native and non-native pools, and the overall inflation schedule. In relation to the former, our native pools currently collectively hold 62% of the total reward weight. We are comfortable with this from a long term perspective.
  • Optimising the GEM stream contracts to remove the current 20-Pearl stream limit (which prevents you from burning more Pearls if there are already 20 Pearls streaming in one wallet);
  • Further gas optimisations across the smart contracts;
  • Implementation of a locked $SHELL pool that provides additional benefits on Clam Island to locked stakers;
  • Implementation of a zap function to enter / exit yield farming pools (i.e. use BNB to directly enter into / exit from a pool without having to acquire or convert out of LP tokens first);
  • Integration of a fiat onramp;
  • Allowing the purchase of Clams with BNB (80% of which will be used to buy and burn GEM, with the other 20% going to treasury);
  • Allowing people to choose a size tier when buying Clams, with prices matching the size tiers and the resulting effect on Clam multiplier. This will allow someone to buy, for example, one Clam that is likely to have a multiplier that is 3x higher than the lowest tier Clam, instead of having to buy 3 separate Clams.
  • And more to come!



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Clam Island

Clam Island


Gamified Yield Farming + NFT on Binance Smart Chain. Earn, collect and trade on Clam Island