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7 min readMay 7, 2022

Howdy Clammies! Thank you all for your participation in our latest community call. For those of you that missed it, you can read our recap below.

✅ Tokenomics update

🎯 The Bivalvia update’s main change is the introduction of tiered clams

➡️ The Tiered clam system came from the need to solve for a range of different users/investors and their investment entry points

➡️ Ratio of rewards is based on the clam tier, allowing for different strategical approaches

➡️ Read in detail introduction to it on our Medium Blog:

🎯 Clam lending is the next major feature we can announce at this point

➡️ Clam lending appeared as a natural substitution for traditional Yield Farming which will be completely eliminated within the Clam Island eco-system. The smart contract functionality and front-end has already started development.

➡️ Clams will be borrowed from the Clam Island Bank

➡️ In exchange for a token deposit, a Clam is lent out with interest to the user who can then farm it for Pearls as usual

➡️ Lending will allow everyone to fully utilize the entire ecosystem of Clam Island — to borrow a clam and not farm it will generate a loss (because of interest)

➡️ A detailed Medium article on the lending system will be released this weekend (and linked in right here in this report)

✅ Creating an archipelago

🎯 Clam Island team is in talks and negotiations with a major producer of ____ (free clam to the first person who makes a correct guess, 1 guess per person! 😉) who is interested in offering the Clam Island system to their customers, the difference being that “pearls” (the NFTs wouldn’t be Clams and Pearls but customized variants appropriate for that business and product) are not exchangeable for tokens/ROI, but for physical items/products usually purchased by their customers

🎯 The entire customization/archipelago concept is in early stage of development but already with a lot of interest from companies on all continents, and from completely different industries. Besides the obvious benefit of Clam Island DAO increasing its treasury by repackaging and selling the product like this (which then allows more devs, marketing etc to be acquired), we intentionally call it an archipelago at this point, as what we see as the biggest win is succeeding to combine the absolute best of Clam Island the OG play-to-invest game and the customized islands so they can be visited and played by users in real time and as they choose from one moment to another.

🔑➡️ The successful Valentines Day event we had in February is something to be thought of when imagining the options of archipelago. Besides outside producers of products that make products we are also partnering up with different artists and craftsmen around the world to offer limited and ongoing opportunities to swap certain Clam or Pearl NFTs for IRL items

✅ Cross Chain

🎯 Adding more blockchains to Clam Island is very high on the list of priorities. However, the goal would be to make it organic, e.g. not just duplicate the smart contracts but actually have bridge functionality in the tokens (meaning that fungible and non-fungible tokens that are minted or burned are reflected across all blockchains in real time)

🎯 EVM-capable blockchains will obviously be the first ones we will expand to. A relatively new and very strong blockchain, built specifically for speed, gaming and NFTs, and by a similar group of yield farming veterans like our own founders here at Clam Island,, is being strongly considered.

✅ QoL updates

🎯 The Citizenship programme will be upgraded to a multi-tier membership. All tiers will have a requirement and once fulfilled tier membership will be proven with the NFT badge which will be generated and minted by each user.

🎯 Locked SHELL pool and further utilization of the SHELL token being developed

🎯 BitKeep Wallet and NFT marketplace integration — BitKeep is a major new player in the web3 wallet arena. Their Desktop and Mobile wallets are very strong with functionality, and they are already the default option on many major dApps, including Pancake Swap. We expect our dApp and NFTs to be fully integrated with BitKeep in the coming days, which will instantly enable all existing users to complete simple actions like listing, browsing or direct-exchanging Clams and Pearls

➡️ We are also in talks to extend the cooperation into marketing with juicy airdrops and perks for new and existing users of Clam Island and BitKeep, respectively

🎯 New/Mobile GUI — as long as the delay of this frequently requested feature is, more amazing it’ll be, and it is finally around the corner! Unveiled on the wave of all the updates listed above, a hurricane of fresh air will cover Clam Island with a new, yet still aesthetically familiar interface that we hope will make daily actions much more enjoyable for all our users, as well as present a new target niche for new users, those that spend most or all of their time using web3 services on their mobile devices.

🎯 All the QoL updates will be released with or immediately after the Bivalvia update, meaning by late May at the latest

✅ Marketing report, road ahead and community building

🎯 Press hits, influencer reviews, ab-eds in different international media by @DkNinja , paid ads and a constant push for cross-marketing opportunities is ongoing for 2 months now and we regularly inform the community about them — mainly in our Telegram group, but also in our Discord server which we hope will be more used in the future as we find it to be a much better community-building tool.

🎯 Influencer outreach is a lengthy process, especially in case of bigger names who we approach firstly by trying to motivate them to DYOR and try Clam Island themselves, with the goal of paying for advertising space, but not for the advertising message. This basically means we want them to advertise Clam Island based on their honest belief it is a good dApp and investment. To get there, it takes the same time each user knows for themselves that took to fully experience, learn and appreciate the system.

🎯 @branimir_23 is the latest addition to the team, handling our daily social media activity — Twitter and the newly opened Instagram ( which, once developed, will probably also be followed by TikTok. Those two social media actually have a pretty big pool of potential users, mostly different than the same community on Twitter. They are still early adopters, but at least a step or two in a more wider/commercial direction.

🎯 Building the community and increasing the user base is obviously the highest priority and in a way the goal of absolutely everything being worked on and mentioned in this report.

➡️ However, we do not want artificial pumps of neither the token price or user base — the reason for this was greatly illustrated by a question during the call from @Ikennamed (Thank you!!) about a few GEM price pumps we had over the last few months. Partly such days are a consequence of our currently extremely low liquidity, but partly by malicious 3rd parties, be it individuals or groups, who not only run simple but devastating front-running bots to drain our liquidity, but also maliciously interfere again into the price action, but also to the social media, community groups etc, creating FUD or hype as needed. This is obviously a problem for all and any low MC project out there, and we are firmly doing everything in our power to prevent these, but our main “weapon” is building everything listed above and simply knowing that wide adoption will spontaneously eliminate these problems.

🎯 What you the community can do? As always, there is no better advertisement than word-of-mouth. As you all do, keep supporting us on social media and in community channels, if you have those “early adopters but not crypto maniacs” on Instagram or TikTok, direct them to our profile, let them know there’s something they might like there :)
Good vibes in the group is always important, we have some truly amazing community members like @KhaosKollection , @andyevans_81 , @Bower67 , @Pinhefy or @WolfOfWSt (just to name a few most active!!) who are constantly pushing for a fun and friendly atmosphere in the group, welcoming new members and answering questions daily. We appreciate this immensely and all we can say is THANK YOU. We the team anticipate and give our best to make it happen for Clam Island every day!

🏝🏝🏝 Final words 🏝🏝🏝

Please keep providing us with all and any feedback, criticism, opinions and suggestions. We value those higher than anything — older the project is more obvious it becomes it wouldn’t get there without all of those, WITHOUT YOU❗️❕🙏🙏 💙

As always we are constantly at your disposal for all and any questions. Our marketing chief @DA0uch is increasing our visibility in the crypto space weekly and exponentially. We will be present at more events to promote and find partnership opportunities, and some of the above-mentioned activities will hopefully also work well toward our exposure directly or indirectly.

Thank you again everyone for your interest, support and positivity! Please never hesitate to reach out and let us know in the coming weeks what you think about all the updates and new features! 🙂 🙏 💙

And again as always, don’t forget to subscribe, follow us on Twitter and join us on Telegram / Discord for all the up-to-date info!



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