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Clam Island
2 min readDec 16, 2021

Ahoy there Clam Island Citizens and Visitors!

If you haven’t heard, we are getting an Exclusive Space over at, who is one of our strategic partners. See this post for more information.

Now, for how the Exclusive Space will work for Clam Island. Here are some rules:

  1. In order to view and interact with the Exclusive Space, you will need to be following our Twitter account and the 1000blocks Twitter account.
  2. The theme will be — you guessed it — Clam Island! Anything Clam Island related will be eligible to receive a reward. You can post anything from an image of your rare Clam or Pearl to original content based on Clam Island characters.
  3. There will be 7 Clams up for grabs for those that post eligible content. The winners will be decided by community vote — the 7 most liked posts will win the rewards. 6 of the Clams will be regular Clams, while first prize will be a Maxima Clam!
  4. The Exclusive Space will open within the next 24–48 hours. Once opened, it will be available to add content for 10 days, after which the space will be locked and an NFT of the final result minted. This NFT will be auctioned — if it is purchased, we will hold a community vote as to how the proceeds can be used.

The Exclusive Space will very much be a community-driven event. We encourage everyone to get involved and generate some buzz on social media by sharing your entries and the current status of the space throughout the 10 day period.

In the meantime, as always for the latest updates, please follow our Twitter, Telegram and Discord.



Clam Island

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