Clam Island MEME Contest

Clam Island MEME CONTEST — Prizes

Are you the one making your friends laugh by cracking creative jokes? Do you have an arsenal of MEMEs for every occasion? Then this is exactly for you!

You will now have the chance to bring out your creative juices and turn your MEME-making-skills into rare NFTs!

Post your original MEMEs on our Telegram Community Group and on Twitter in the next two weeks and win rare Maxima Clam NFTs and more in this Contest! Maxima Clams are rare Clams that can only be won by participating actively in our MEME Contest or in the upcoming Loyalist Program we are launching soon!

All the requirements and details can be found in this article below.

Which prizes do we have in store for you?

  1. 1 Maxima Clam NFT + 2 Pearl NFTs
  2. 1 Maxima Clam NFT
  3. 3 Pearl NFTs

Rules for participating

  1. Follow @clam_island on Twitter
  2. Like & retweet this tweet (tweet URL)
  3. Create and comment an original meme in the above tweet using hashtags #ClamIsland, #MemeContest
  4. Join our Telegram Community for more info (
  5. Post your MEME in our Telegram Community Group

MEME requirements

  1. Every participant can submit as many MEMEs as they like!
  2. No NSFW memes. Keep it family-friendly.
  3. Clam Island is not responsible for any copyright issues. The owner is responsible for not infringing any copyright.


The most creative, funny, interesting and qualitative MEMEs will win the prizes. Make us laugh and surprise us!

We wish you all the luck, but more importantly, we wish for you to have great fun in making the meme for this Contest!

Submission & Winner Announcement Dates

➡️ Submissions deadline: until LAUNCH

➡️ Winner announcement: 2 days after LAUNCH

What is Clam Island?

Clam Island makes investing fun through the power of blockchain and 3D gamification. If we want to find out more in detail without reading much, just watch this brand new youtube video we got for you:

Join us, have a talk and post some MEMEs 😎:

🏝 Clam Island Website 🏝
💬 Clam Island Telegram Community 💬
🐦 Clam Island Twitter 🐦
🤖 Clam Island Discord Server 🤖

You can use our Clam Island Assets for your MEMEs!

Feel free to use any of the following assets (not required for submission though):

Assets # 1: Branding and Logo

Clam Island Logo & Branding Assets (Hint: there is a white logo with text too, that might be not visible, but it’s there ;))

Assets #2: Clam Island environments

Currently published Clam Island environments

Assets #3: Clam Island characters: Al, Captain Nacre, Diego, Tanja

Clam Island characters

Gamified Yield Farming + NFT on Binance Smart Chain. Earn, collect and trade on Clam Island