Marketing Plan + Updated Roadmap

Ahoy there Clam Island citizens and visitors!

We know many of you have been waiting to see our plans to get the Clam Island name out there. Our new CMO @Da0uch has certainly been hard at work putting everything together! The below is what we have planned for the next three months.

Brave Browser push notifications

The first step that we are looking to kick off this week is the Brave Browser push notifications. We are working directly with the Brave team to roll this out.

As the leading privacy-centric browser with 3/4 of its users owning cryptocurrency, Brave is a natural advertising partner to work with. Ads will appear in the form of push notifications. For those that do not know, Brave users opt-in to these advertising notifications in return for earning BAT. For this reason, Brave offers some of the highest Click-Through Rate (CTR) in the industry at 8%, and since the reason people opt in to the ads is to earn BAT, these users are more or less guaranteed to be cryptocurrency owners.

Media & PR outreach

The next thing that will begin rolling out is media and PR outreach, through our external PR partner Angle42. We are finalising the details at the moment, but it will be a 3-month campaign through which Angle42 will help us create content such as thought leadership pieces, press releases for publication to mainstream and crypto media, and to help us secure feature stories, interviews and expert commentary.

Angle42 is an experienced media & PR outreach company with specific expertise in the cryptocurrency market. They take the time to understand the project they work with, write quality content and engage with select publishers with whom they have an established working relationship.

We expect the media & PR outreach to be kicking off in about 2–3 weeks.

Crypto advertising network

Our immediate focus is on Brave and the media & PR outreach campaign. Once they get rolling, the next thing to launch on the marketing side would be Pay-Per-Click ads on a crypto advertising network. This will mostly take shape in the form of banner ads across crypto-related websites, including websites such as CoinGecko and BscScan. This will bring us further exposure, but we have placed this as second priority because we believe Brave push notifications will be a more effective form of PPC advertising.

Influencer marketing

Last but not least, we have influencer marketing. While this is an important part of any marketing campaign, our plan is to hit influencer marketing harder after we gain initial traction. This will help with generating real buzz, and make it much easier for influencers to push the narrative of making good returns while playing Clam Island, which is essential for the success of an influencer campaign.

Our plan with influencer marketing is focused on engaging micro-influencers who are mostly willing to work with us through receiving Clam NFTs instead of direct payment. This will help reduce our costs and also ensure that the influencers working with us will actually engage with our platform. It is also a more effective way of reaching a wider audience, as you will get better results engaging 20 influencers with 5,000 followers each rather than one influencer with 100,000 followers.

When the timing is right, we may consider engaging a bigger influencer to boost our influencer marketing traction, but there is no specific plans to do this at the moment.


Partnerships with other synergistic projects is a key component of growing our userbase. We will continue looking for the right partners throughout 2022.

We currently have several signed partnerships that have not yet been announced. We originally wanted to announce them at the end of last year, but given the crypto market and the delay in our own marketing, we have decided to delay them as well.

Community members from partnered projects are some of the best sources of new users for our platform, since they will inherently trust partners of their projects. We therefore do not wish to waste these opportunities and prefer to announce the partnerships and launch planned features / events with the partners when Clam Island gains more traction from other marketing activities.

GEM Buyback + burn

We have heard the community ask for GEM buyback and burn, and now we are delivering!

We are generally not fans of random or regular buyback and burn events since we believe that the project should be strong enough to support its token price on its own. However, we do believe that strategically-timed buy and burn events can be both useful as a marketing tool and to help kick start positive traction and community engagement.

With that in mind, at around the time of launching the Brave ads, we will also be executing a GEM buyback and burn. The amount and exact timing will not be disclosed in order to avoid frontrunning / price manipulation issues. But fret not — we will be making sure that there is enough buyback and burn to kickstart GEM’s price traction!

2022 Roadmap

The above sums up our marketing plan over the next 3 months. But what’s next for Clam Island as a platform? Well, without further ado, here’s our revised roadmap for 2022:

We hope you are as excited about the coming year as we are!

Remember, we always want to know what you think and are always open to feedback. For further discussion and to stay tuned for the latest updates, please follow our Twitter, Telegram and Discord.



Gamified Yield Farming + NFT on Binance Smart Chain. Earn, collect and trade on Clam Island

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Gamified Yield Farming + NFT on Binance Smart Chain. Earn, collect and trade on Clam Island