$SHELL Presale Recap and the Road Ahead

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for the amazing response and support that we have received. The $SHELL presale was conducted in two rounds, and across both of them, we hit our hard cap of 400 BNB in a little over an hour.

Despite an excellent result, we did have a few hiccups in the process. We feel that it is important to openly acknowledge them, both for the sake of transparency and to ensure that we learn from the mistakes made.

These are the things that did not turn out as expected with our presale:

  • When we changed the overall hard cap from 200 BNB to 400 BNB, we neglected to change the cap for the first round, which remained at 100 BNB. The result was that the first round of presale was capped at 100 BNB, with the second round being capped at 300 BNB;
  • We made a mistake in the timestamp calculation of the presale contract, such that the two rounds ended up being 24 hours apart instead of 12 hours apart;
  • There was a bug in the frontend for the second round of our presale after we made some UI improvements, resulting in presale transactions not going through for the second round, although direct interaction with the smart contract worked without any issues. The frontend bug was patched about 40 minutes after the launch of our second presale round.

We have to admit that we did not allocate enough time to putting together the presale. We have been putting all of our focus on the core products and did not test the presale elements as thoroughly as we should have.

We would like to assure you — the early believers in the project — that our core products will be thoroughly tested and audited. We have two external (in the sense that they are not part of the developing team) Solidity developers on standby as code reviewers for the final product. They are both very experienced and recognized members of the DeFi scene. Additionally, we are currently in the process of selecting an auditor to conduct a full audit of the project after our code reviewers get a chance to review the code. Rest assured that we are committed to delivering a high standard for user safety, and to make Clam Island a smooth, reliable, and most importantly a sustainable experience.

The Road Ahead

In any event, with the presale for $SHELL complete, it is now full steam ahead for the team. Without further ado, here is our 2021 roadmap:

Clam Island 2021 Roadmap

Building a strong community is a very important part of our vision for Clam Island. And we believe that we are off to a good start — the support that we have received from the community has been overwhelming and humbling. We think it is about time for us to show the community a token of our appreciation (pun intended)!

Community Rewards Program (starting early June)

For all the early Clam Island supporters who are active on Twitter, we would like to schedule limited drops of Clam and Pearl NFTs ahead of project launch. Talk about Clam Island, use as much of the Clam Island Narrative and tag @clam_island on Twitter. The users with the most retweets, likes and the most creative and interesting contributions will receive limited Clam and Pearl NFTs, which will be dropped before launch.

Even better news for some of you who were REALLY early — you will only need to tweet once to qualify for an NFT drop!

Don’t forget, Clam NFTs can be burned for $SHELL or staked to produce Pearl NFTs, and with Pearl NFTs you can boost your yield and more.

Let’s put the word out there and let people know that there are innovative, creative and original projects out there — even on BSC!

We will release details on the exact rewards and claiming rules within the next week, but in the meantime, feel free to get a head start sharing on social media! The winners will be announced prior to the NFT presale, so if you ultimately don’t get your hands on any Clams or Pearls this way, you could always still participate in the Clam NFT presale.

NFT Presale (tentative date: 18th June)

Our next presale will be for Clam NFTs, shortly before our launch. We want the NFTs to be available immediately on purchase, so the timeframe is to allow us to make sure that the NFTs are fully functional and ready to go.

More information on the presale can be found here, under the Clam NFT Presale section.

When we first introduced Clam Island, we mentioned that Clams had about 100,000,000 different possible trait combinations. We are, however, continuously working on and improving the core elements of Clam Island, and as of right now we can confirm that the number is more than 600,000,000, and we will have an additional feature that effectively makes variations infinite within predefined Clam traits. We will explain all of this in detail in an upcoming NFT deep-dive article. Stay tuned!

Please note that the date at this stage is tentative as it is more important for us to make sure that everything is audited and working as it should, rather than to meet a hard deadline. That said, it is also possible for us to be ready earlier!

Project Launch (tentative date: 25th June)

This is the big day! However, again we say “tentative” because security and user safety will always be paramount. This is especially true for the yield farming aspects of the ecosystem, which will have suitable elements taken from existing audited open source contracts, but will also by necessity include custom implementations to integrate with our NFTs. Rest assured that our custom implementations will be independently audited.

We will be sure to keep you all up to date with the continuing developments here at Clam Island.

Snapshot Vote for $SHELL

We have said that this is a community project, and we want to do right by our community. We have heard some of our investors ask about why $SHELL is locked until launch and if it can be opened for trading before launch.

To be clear, $SHELL comes with a trading block that can be deactivated only once, and never be activated again. This was part of the feature to combat PCS listing snipers (PCS liquidity is already added but no one can currently trade), but it is also used to lock the presale tokens until the project is ready to launch.

We believe it is in everybody’s and the project’s best interests to have the tokens remain locked until launch for two reasons:

  • There is a lot more to come in terms of marketing, partnerships and audit/s before launch; and
  • The true value of $SHELL and the Clam Island ecosystem will not be apparent until at least the Clam NFTs are revealed in the NFT presale. Until then, trading $SHELL is purely speculative, and with limited liquidity and no current utility, it may be subject to FUD and manipulation as well.

That said, we want to listen to the community and allow the token holders to have their own say on the lock period. This is Clam Island after all, not Alcatraz! That is why we are organising a snapshot vote for $SHELL — all $SHELL holders will be allowed to participate. The exact date and timeframe for the snapshot vote will be separately announced within the next 48 hours.

As always, please follow our Twitter, Telegram and Discord for the latest updates.

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